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UNISON Asks Where is NI Pay Offer?

Following the announcement of a pay offer to NHS staff in England UNISON’s Health Committee in Northern Ireland is now asking the question when will a pay offer be made to health staff here? 

Meeting today Thursday March 16th in emergency session, UNISON’s Industrial Action planning team is asking if new money, promised by the UK Treasury, will be ring fenced for health staff pay.   

Anne Speed, Head of Bargaining and Representation at UNISON Northern Ireland said after the meeting: 

“We cannot be sure of anything in the absence of any direct engagement with our regional negotiating team. We are still preparing to serve strike notice on employers for March 31st and April 3rd. Our members are currently on extensive action short of strike in every workplace. They will want guarantees that they will not be left behind.  

As we approach the 25th anniversary of our peace agreement and an expected visit by the US President it would be unconscionable that health staff who carried us so valiantly through the covid pandemic would remain undervalued and underpaid”.


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