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We Only Get One Chance to Do This So Lets Do It Right and Put a Lifting Bridge on Newrys Southern Relief Road

The Southern Relief Road is an essential project which will improve the wellbeing of the people of Newry by removing heavy HGVs and pollution from our city centre. 

It will also provide a vital road link for the future development of Warrenpoint Port. 

While I welcome the economic, environmental and health benefits such a significant project will bring to our city and district I believe we also have an obligation to future proof the tourism potential of our waterways and the Albert Basin and safeguard the potential development of Newry Canal. 

That is why Councillors supported the installation of a lifting bridge and urged the Department to look beyond the economic appraisal, which in itself could be viewed as a crystal ball exercise, and design the bridge to unlock future potential development of our waterways and the Albert Basin. 

We only get one opportunity to build a major piece of infrastructure like this – when it’s done it’s done – so why not do it to the specification that meets all our long-term needs. 

This area was starved of infrastructure investment for well over half a century so it is only right that we seek to get the maximum investment in a project like this that ticks all the boxes and meets all our long-term requirements. 

We more than pay our way in this part of the North so why should we take what’s on the table and be grateful. Those days are gone – we have a right to be ambitious for our people. 

While I understand that finances are tight I am disappointed that the Department has not looked at the bigger picture for our city and district and been more ambitious and opted for a lifting bridge and have made a decision without any political cover.

I along with other members of my party will be demanding a meeting with the Private Secretary to get the answers we need. 

There is broad cross party support for a lifting bridge and elected representatives in this area must be listened to.


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