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MP Praises Portadown Heritage Tours for ‘Exemplary’ Exhibition

Local DUP Member of Parliament Carla Lockhart has paid a glowing tribute to the team behind Portadown Heritage Tours, following their week long exhibition showcasing the role of Portadown in the ‘Great War’.

Speaking after attending the exhibition, Carla Lockhart said:

“The Portadown area has a rich heritage, and the role played by the community of Portadown in the First World War is one that should always be remembered.

To ensure this story is told, we need local organisations who have a passion and commitment to remembering. In this regard we are so fortunate to have the team at Portadown Heritage Tours. Bill, Shirley, Lisa, Ashleigh and Ashley Forbes have spent over two years of hard work and dedication, researching the individuals of the 1913 4th Portadown Battalion Ulster Volunteer Force, enabling them to bring to life many of these forgotten stories.

Exhibitions in Carleton Street Orange Hall, St Marks, Corcrain Orange Hall and Derrycrane Orange Hall brought together a wide range of artefacts whilst also telling the stories of specific groups who left Portadown and paid the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of World War I. The volume and quality of research undertaken by the Portadown Heritage Tours team is quite simply outstanding, and has resulted in an exemplary exhibition spanning a week across these various venues.

This exhibition has ensured this heavy price paid and the service of the Portadown community has been remembered, with personal stories told. I know the work of Portadown Heritage Tours will continue, and I look forward to future projects by the team in the future.”


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