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Caramoyle Residents Deserve Better

SDLP Cusher Representative Emmajayne McKernan has called on the Housing Executive and Roads Service to work together to improve conditions within Caramoyle housing development, stating that residents living there deserve better.

McKernan said, ‘Residents in Caramoyle invited me out to their estate to highlight the poor state of the footpaths and lack of investment in the area. I was disappointed to see, despite residents keeping their houses and gardens very homely, the public spaces have become very upkept.

“One resident highlighted an accident falling over a crumbling footpath. This is an issue throughout the estate with footpaths in a general state of disrepair. The resident has recovered from the fall but has shown me the images of their cuts and bruises caused by the incident. I have reported the footpaths to the Department of Infrastructure and referenced the injuries caused.

‘It is unacceptable for footpaths to get into such a state and I have been told this isn’t the first incident that has occurred. The development in general is in need of improvements and has certainly become a forgotten place. A resident highlighted the fenced off area within the estate that used to hold a small playpark and has now become a bit of an eyesore. I have written to both the Housing Executive and the Department of Infrastructure to establish who is responsible for the area and to see what can be done to utilise this area that would suit local residents.

‘I have also asked both the Housing Executive and the Department of Infrastructure to work together to ensure that the area is properly looked after particularly in terms of weed control. Residents here deserve better and I’m more than happy to work with those who live there to ensure conditions in the development improve.


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