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McKernan Slams Carrickatuke Dumpers

SDLP Cusher Representative Emmajayne McKernan has expressed her anger at dumping on the road to Carrickatuke Viewpoint.

McKernan said, “It’s utterly shameful that anyone thinks it’s ok to drive to one of Armagh’s places of natural beauty and dump their rubbish here.  Anyone who does this is blighting our beautiful countryside, and putting wildlife and our natural environment at risk. Local residents are appalled at this blight on their beauty spot which is widely enjoyed by local walkers.

“I have contacted the council’s environment team to report this dumping incident and have asked them to clean up this mess.  Council staff will go through the rubbish to see if there is any material that will identify the culprits. Dumping is an environmental crime and those responsible should be aware of that. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to dump when our recycling centres are widely accessible and free to use. Those responsible should hold their heads in shame.”


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