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Launch of New Online E-Planning System at Louth County Council

The launch of the new online e-planning system at Louth County Council has improved access for applicants, planners and the public to a key service at the local authority.

The new user friendly online system allows planning applications and submissions to be made online without the need for paper copies.

Customers who wish to lodge a planning application or make a submission to a particular application can use the e-planning portal and upload documents via this platform

A once off registration on the portal is required for all users.

The system has already proved popular with customers, with 27 planning applications having been received to date using the online planning system. In addition:

  • Four decisions have been issued to date.
  • Five applications were received in first week (18.5% of total)
  • Seven applications received over the last week (26% of total)
  • There are 40% more applications this week than in the first week.

There have also been 52 submissions/observations received from the public in relation to planning applications using this system.

Chief Executive Joan Martin welcomed the introduction of the new e-planning system, saying: “E-planning is a significant step forward to improve planning services and make our services accessible for all. As a County Council, Louth is constantly seeking ways to advance inclusivity for all residents and visitors. The ability to view applications, apply for planning or make submissions from your office or home computer saves you time and money, cuts down on paper and fuel emissions, and helps us advance our climate action goals, it really is a win win for everyone.”

The Council has worked with the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) over the last year to deliver this online platform and will be rolling out a training session for planning agents, consultants, architects, engineers and other users who interact with the Planning Department to promote and assist in the transition to the online system.

Details of this training will be made available in the coming weeks.


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