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Brownlow Footpaths Need to be Maintained-Mallon

Sinn Féín representative Jude Mallon has called on DFI roads to properly maintain and clean the footpaths and black path network in Brownlow, Craigavon.

Mr Mallon said :

‘The footpaths and black path network in Craigavon are as important as the road network and should be maintained to a high standard.

‘If we want to encourage children to walk to school and get more of us out of our cars, the footpath network needs to be maintained and safe to use. 

‘The footpath network in Brownlow is in a dire state with paths leading to local schools still strewn with autumn leaves which when wet are slippery and dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists.

‘DFI Roads must ensure the footpath network is usable and while I acknowledge budgets are stretched to breaking it would appear the paths have been abandoned  which would be huge short sighted mistake.


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