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Louth County Council Leading the Way in Enforcement of Dog Control

Louth County Council is leading the way in the enforcement of dog control, with the second highest number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN’s) issued in the country, according to new figures released by the local authority.  

Statistics from 2021 indicate that 147 FPN’s were issued by Louth County Council under the Control of Dogs Acts (1986 &1982), second only to Cork County Council which issued 170 notices in the same year.

Louth County Veterinarian Garrett Shine explained that Louth regularly issues the highest annual number of Fixed Penalty Notices in the country.

“Dog wardens in County Louth are very proactive, and respond to an average of 1,500 call outs every year. The calls are often complaints regarding dogs not under proper control, causing nuisance, fouling , excessively barking, etc. Sometimes it can be more serious such as attacks on livestock, attacking other dogs and/or attacks on people.”

He added: “The wardens protect the right of the public to be able to walk safely, whether they are walking their own dog on a lead or they are just generally out walking, and that includes any public place, be that an urban area, a large estate or a quiet country road.”

In 2021 the breakdown of 147 FPN included:  65 FPNs issued for people not having a valid dog license;  48 for dogs not being under proper control and;  25 for the ‘restricted breeds’ not complying with the specific requirement for those breeds, who have to be muzzled and on a lead at all times whilst out in public.

In 2020 the overall figure was 231, with 104 for licenses, 53 for control and 19 for restricted breeds.

Louth County Council wardens also issue an average of 1,000 ‘Section 16’ notices every year, a legal notice requiring the keeper of a dog to submit proof of a valid dog license.  An average of 4,000 house calls, with door-to door license checks, are also made.

The Louth County Veterinarian concluded: “The number of dogs licenses in Louth averages 6,500, each year, however we are aware that there are many more dogs in the county and so the wardens remain vigilant.”

A dog license may be purchased at any Post Office or alternatively online at


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