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Clady Footpaths Must Be Restored Properly After Broadband Works

SDLP Cusher Representative Emmajayne McKernan has called on the Department of Infrastructure to restore footpaths in Mourneview following local disappointment at how they have been left following broadband works in the area.

McKernan said: “After visiting Mourneview, I completely understand how disappointed and angry residents feel after works to improve broadband in the area has left footpaths uneven to walk on and visibly untidy. Residents were warned of the potential disruption of these works but it is not good enough for local people to be left aggrieved at how the park has been left.

“The installation of high speed Broadband should have been a huge celebration in this area but instead residents are rightly feeling upset that their park has been left in such an unsightly manner.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time residents have felt aggrieved after installation of utilities. This is happening all too often across the north. Utility companies’ contracts state they are to leave the area as they find it but patch jobs are not an acceptable state. I’m calling on DfI to urgently work with Fibrus to resolve this issue.”


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