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McGeough Disappointed at Lack of Response at Mullary Road

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has said he is ‘disappointed’ to a response to his motion regarding the stretch of road at Mullary.

Cllr McGeough had asked the Council to work in conjunction with Transport Infrastructure Ireland to install traffic calming measures along the R132 at that section of road.

Cllr McGeough said “this particular section of road outside the popular Valley Inn is particularly busy. The stretch of road is fairly straight so vehicles can gather up quite a speed before approaching the section of road in question.

“Customers to the business have parking facilities behind the premises but additional parking is available across the road and that results in pedestrians attempting to cross the busy road.”

Cllr McGeough described conditions on that part of the road as ‘sometimes treacherous’ but noted that a traffic survey carried out in the area identified that speed was not an issue. “The speed limit is 100kph along that road which is reasonable, but just where the Valley inn is situated I feel that we need additional road safety measures.”

Cllr McGeough brought the motion before the December Ardee meeting and the Council’s response was “Road safety at the section of road on the R132 at Mullary will be assessed by the engineers and should it be ranked as a priority it will be put forward for consideration for funding in 2024”

While Cllr McGeough appreciated that there would at least be an assessment of the road, he felt that “it will be over a year before it will be forwarded for consideration for funding and that is only if it is deemed ‘a priority’. In the meantime, the road is getting busier especially with heavier vehicles like lorries and farm vehicles.”


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