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No More Delay in Mast for Mullaghbawn – Quinn

Sinn Féin representative, Áine Quinn has said that there can be no more delay to delivering a phone mast to improve the phone network in Mullaghbawn.

The local  Sinn Féin representative said:

“Local families and businesses in Mullaghbawn are crying out for access to any kind of access to mobile signal.

“Most of the village and its surrounding area is left without any access to mobile phone signal – posing a real challenge to locals.

“There is currently an application to build a mast that will service much of the Mullaghbawn and Lislea area with a good network connection – however the planning application has been faced with constant delays.

“Not only is the local community in desperate need of access to the service that this upgrade would provide, but the investment to create this is time limited.

“We must see the council work as quickly as possible to process applications such as these, especially when they represent transformative investments for our communities.

“It is vital for everyone in the community; from emergency services to families and local businesses to have access to a fit for purpose phone network.

“Sinn Féin will continue to work hard to help improve mobile phone signal for rural communities in South Armagh.”


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