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“Going Into Rehab The Best And Most Rewarding Thing I’ve Done”

Speaking at the launch of the annual ‘Friends of Cuan Mhuire’  Street Collection which takes place in Camlough this Saturday the 28th of January, well known Antrim GAA hurler Domhnall Nugent told those present that going into rehab was the “best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

was one of a group of 12 men to have entered Cuan Mhuire Newry back in 2019. Today only half of them are still alive. 

He told those present “That is shocking.. that is so, so scary. It shows you how real this is.”
Domhnall who spearheads  “Let’s Face It” a Health and Well Being organisation that shares 

life experiences around the affects of mental health including Trauma, Depression, Addiction & the struggles of ‘Fitting in’, advised anyone who fears they are sliding into addiction, to be honest with themselves and to take that first step and seek help.
“A five minute conversation could be the start of recovery from a life of lying to yourself and others, cheating, ducking and diving”

With the help of my  club, family and the Gaelic Players Association Domhnall checked into the Cuan Mhuire Newry rehab centre, where he spent three months.

“It was a very daunting experience. It was tough and I was questioning myself; I was beating myself up and even going into the assessment centre where you spend two weeks I remember saying to myself ‘what have you done? You’re 20 years of age and in a rehab centre,” he said.

“I stuck through it and it was the best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

Camlough man Pat McGinn who along with Domhnall and Galbally Ulster Club Champion footballer Christopher Morris helped launch the annual ‘Street Bucket Collection explained,

“Friends of Cuan Mhuire is a support network for people in recovery and their families, where people are helped find their feet in the early, and sometimes difficult, days of recovery.

It provides somewhere to go, someone to talk to and friends to rely on.

Our Friends of Cuan Mhuire Groups are steadily growing with marvellous work being done by our Cuan Mhuire volunteers in places such as Belfast Newry and Omagh.

Cuan Mhuire volunteers and ex-residents are involved in our schools and community outreach programmes, all in their own way helping to carry the message of hope and recovery.”

Gerry McElroy, chief executive of Cuan Mhuire thanking everyone for their support, said the organisation couldn’t continue its work without the wonderful generosity of families, community and individuals.

“Sr Consilio and all involved with Cuan Mhuire really appreciate the support,” he added.


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