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McKernan Condemns illegal Dumping of tyres at Seagahan Dam

SDLP Representative for Cusher Emmajayne McKernan has condemned the illegal dumping of tyres at Seagahan Dam and has reported the issue to Council.

Emmajayne McKernan said, “This is an environmental crime and those who dumped the tyres have shown little regard for the local area or its people who will have to meet the costs of the removal and disposal of this waste as ratepayers.

“Seagahan Dam has become an increasingly popular place for people who walk, fish and even those interested in bird watching after £20,000 was invested in a Public Access and Recreation Project back in 2018. It is so disheartening that those responsible do not appreciate what has been achieved here.

The incident has been reported to the Council who will manage the removal of the tyres. I would urge anyone with information in relation to this crime to please come forward and I would appeal to people to dispose of waste in a responsible way.


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