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Dozens of Republicans Have Charges Dropped at Newry Court

In October 2019 Republicans gathered in Newry for the National Hunger Strike Commemoration. This event alternates host venues annually, and notification of organisers’ intentions was lodged with the Parades Commission.

A spokesperson for Saoradh said:

“As our plans became public knowledge the predictable unionist hysteria kicked in. Not only from the DUP, UUP and TUV usual suspects but supposedly “liberal” unionists in the form of the Alliance Party.

Much of this centred on rehashed arguments that centred on the supposed commemoration of “terrorists” – an annual faux outrage that has consistently failed in the same way Thatcher’s criminalisation policy did.”

“The event was respectful, dignified and appropriate. Tributes were paid to all hunger strikers from Thomas Ashe to Red Mickey Devine. Participants, including many families and young children, enjoyed the music from the bands as the parade made its way to Raymond McCreesh Park for speeches, etc.”

“There were no incidents that could be described as anything other than peaceful and honourable, and a great day was had by all.”

Saoradhs Spokesperson continued:

“The response from Helena Young of Alliance, a party that identifies as liberal, was that she was disgusted and that Saoradh “were not welcome in Newry”, despite local parade participants vastly outnumbering any vote she has received at the ballot box. Likewise the DUP called for “PSNI investigations.”

“The PSNI were only too happy to grant these wishes, with over 40 people being charged with breaching the Parades Commission determination into this event, breaches that never occurred.”

At Newry Courthouse last week all charges were dismissed against all Republicans in relation to this commemoration.

A spokesperson for Saoradh said:

“Just as Britain’s policy of criminalisation against our Prisoners failed and will continue to fail abysmally, so too will any attempts to prevent Republicans from respectfully honouring our martyred dead via malicious prosecutions and ongoing use of repressive State apparatus.”


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