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Saoradh Remove Racist Graffiti in Newry

Republican Party Saoradh has slammed those behind a racist graffiti in Newry recently. 

Slamming those responsible Saoradh’s Newry Representative Stephen Murney said “The racist attack in the Main Avenue area should be condemned by all. Saoradh activists in the area took the opportunity to cover up the unsightly display making it unreadable until it can be professionally removed. 

“This is a clear example of racism raising its ugly head, this is fascism in action skulking about in the dead of night to vandalise. 

“This is why Saoradh stand up to the far right. We do so with others to proudly oppose hatred, bigotry, fascism and racism.” 

The community worker finished by saying “Fascism is a disease, racism is a disease and they flourish under the inherently oppressive system of capitalism. We aim to eradicate these, and to establish a Socialist Republic in Ireland, to this end we will not relent in facing down the enemies of Socialism, least of all the gang of fools responsible for this hate display.

“We address the clowns responsible directly when we tell you: don’t be foolish- crawl back under your rock.” 


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