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“We Must Stand Up To Protect Parental Choice in Education.” – Aontu

Aontú Deputy Leader and Education Spokeswoman, Gemma Brolly, has criticised a recent UNESCO report for bias promotion of the Single Integrated Education system.

Speaking today, Gemma Brolly said “There’s a worrying push against the pluralist education model currently in place. We’ve seen attempts by lobby groups in recent years to erode parental choice in education. Most recently, a UNESCO report “Transforming Education: How education needs to change: A vision for a single system” details various aspects and arguments for a single integrated education system. The report raises some important points such as the importance of citizenship. However, it also unfairly argues against the North’s pluralist education model as the only means to reduce sectarianism.” 

The report states “the current organisation of schools is defended by those sectors of the community who feel that they stand the most to gain from current divisions and who believe that they will lose were the divisions to begin to be removed. This does not always reflect the needs of those most impacted – the children and young people themselves.”

Mrs Brolly continued “As someone who came through, teaches and has children currently within that system, I find it quite imperious that anyone would imply that the aim of  those who support our pluralistic education system is simply to benefit from a sectarian divide to the detriment of our own children. It is disappointing that the authors of this report were so bias in their analysis of the education system. The authors of the report have a very clear preference and will for Integrated Education, having only conducted various talks and participated in research supporting Integrated Education”

“We in Aontú have continuously stated we fully support integrated education within a pluralistic education system. It is important that we appeal to both communities, be ready, collaborate with others and ensure that parents have their say in the future of their own schools. Parental choice must be at the heart of our education system.”


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