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NIPSA Health Members Vote Overwhelmingly in Favour of Industrial Action

The NIPSA ballot for industrial action in Health has returned a 92.62% vote for strike action and 97.03% for action short of strike action.  The NIPSA Health Panel, which represents all branches in Health & Social Care and Health Arm’s Length Bodies, has therefore authorised industrial action in early December including Strike Action and Action Short of Strike.

NIPSA will also develop a programme of selective groups’ strike action and further action short of strike action.  Notice will be issued when these actions are agreed.

Why is this action necessary?

This action is necessary because, years of underfunding and underinvestment in the Health Service compounded by rising inflation and a cost of living crisis have failed to address NIPSA’s claims for Fair Pay, Safe Staffing and Fair Travel Rates.

Alongside this the absence of a functioning Executive or a mechanism to uplift pay for health workers in Northern Ireland is a major concern for all NIPSA Members and as the Largest Trade Union in Northern Ireland we request urgent action to find a way forward.


In Line with the National Trade Union Side call for an Inflation busting Pay rise NIPSA and Unison have met to co-ordinate the action of the forthcoming Industrial Action in December while other Unions continue to consult their members.

Where possible and going forward, further coordination with other Trade Unions will be sought.

Call for Action

NIPSA now calls on its member’s and all those with influence to act now.

As Deputy General Secretary Padraig Mullholland states “The Industrial Action in December will be hard hitting but our members have no choice but to defend our National Health Service, for too long members have held together a system that is in crisis so that our communities get a decent service.”

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