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Tennyson and Long Visit Café IncredABLE to Mark Social Enterprise Day

Alliance Upper Bann MLA Eóin Tennyson and party leader Naomi Long visited Café IncredABLE at South Lake Leisure Centre on Thursday to mark Social Enterprise Day.

Café IncredABLE is a social enterprise which provides hospitality and catering services, while supporting individuals with autism and learning difficulties to secure employment.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Tennyson said, “I’m delighted to introduce Naomi to the team at this thriving café as part of Social Enterprise Day.

“Social Enterprise Day is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the positive impact social enterprises like Café IncredABLE have on communities in Northern Ireland.

“Organisations like IncredABLEs are a key part of the foundational economy and are anchored in their communities. Co-operatives and social enterprises have huge potential to be the business model of choice across Northern Ireland, delivering solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

“I would like to thank every social enterprise for the hugely valuable contribution you continue to make to improving social and economic wellbeing, particularly IncredABLE for the work they do in assisting people with autism and learning difficulties to secure employment.”


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