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Republicans Aquitted of Internment Protest Charges in Newry

Four Republican activists from Newry were today found innocent of charges relating to an Anti-Internment whiteline picket that took place last year. 

Speaking following the acquittal Saoradh chairperson Stephen Murney said “On August 27th 2021 Saoradh activists attempted to highlight the human rights abuses of political hostages and the ongoing use of internment by holding a whiteline picket close to the British Courthouse. 

“Unfortunately at the same time and place sectarian bigots mobilised in their hundreds for a sectarian hate display. As always the ever willing Crown Forces placed a ring of steel around nationalist Newry in order to facilitate these bigots. Roads were blocked, scores of riot clad state mercenaries surrounded local Republicans, backed up by dozens of Armour plated land rovers and for good measure a military spy plane circled the town to keep the local population under surveillance.” 

Murney continued “In the weeks and months that followed the Crown Forces proceeded to deliver summones to a number of those who took part in the Anti-Internment picket.

“Bizarrely the charges laid against them were for taking part in an unnotifed protest against a Loyalist march, despite the fact that no such protest was organised or ever took place.

“The Republican’s legal representatives successfully argued these facts in court and the case was subsequently thrown out much to the dismay of the Crown Forces who were left looking rather redfaced as they scurried out afterwards.” 

Stephen concluded “The fact that these charges ever seen the light of day in the first place just proves the vindictive nature of Crown Forces.

“This was nothing but a weak attempt to erode the right to peacefully and legitimately highlight human rights abuses, in this instance the issue of modern day Internment.”


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