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‘Suffering cancer patients need Executive formed’ – Kimmins

Sinn Féin MLA Liz Kimmins has said the growing waiting lists for cancer treatment is a life and death issue and he has called again on the DUP to end its block of the Executive.  

The Newry & Armagh MLA said: 

 “The numbers of people here waiting on cancer treatment longer than the target of 62 days has risen by a staggering 58 per cent in the last year alone. 

“This is a matter of life or death for patients and their families and the delays in treatment is making what is a very stressful and traumatic experience worse. 

“Cancer patients and others on our hospital waiting lists are being left behind while one party continues to prevent an Executive being set up to tackle the problems in the health service.  

“Our health and social care system is in crisis, waiting lists continue to grow and targets for cancer treatment and other vital surgeries are not being met. 

“Patients are on the front line as the DUP continues to block the restoration of an Executive.

“Sinn Féin remains ready to form an Executive today to help fix our health service and invest £1 billion extra to recruit more nurses and doctors and fund cancer and mental health services.

“I urge the DUP to end its blockade of our political institutions and work with others to put first the needs of those who need us most.”


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