Community Constituency Newry Newry and Armagh

Saoradh Slam Poppy Stalls in Newry

The Republican Party Saoradh has criticised the erection of stalls to promote the Royal British Legion’s “Poppy Appeal” in Newry and has described them as “shameful and provocative”. 

The collection stalls were erected in Tesco which in turn has prompted members of the public to contact the party to voice their opposition.

Commenting on the offensive pro-imperialist stalls a Saoradh representative said “Many people are falsely led to believe that the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is simply for remembrance purposes, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

“The appeal not only supports former British soldiers but also serving members of the British Occupation Forces. This includes the forces currently garrisoned here in Ireland, those who colluded with loyalist death squads and those who have murdered countless Irish citizens including children here in Newry. 

“Just days ago the British Army were using Irish Skies as a training ground for the RAF in order to hone their skills for murderous exploits in other countries.” 

They continued  “No doubt those who permitted these stalls on their premises didn’t even spare a thought for the victims of Britain’s war machine in Ireland.” 

And concluded “We demand that in future they refrain from promoting such offensive displays otherwise Republicans may be forced to remove them themselves”. 


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