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Aontu Launches Petition Calling for MLA Salaries to be Stopped!

Political party Aontu has launched a petition calling for the salaries of MLAs to be stopped until a resolution is found at Stormont and an Executive is formed.

Despite growing concerns over the cost of living crisis both Westminster and Stormont have experienced chaos recently resulting in growing discontent amongst the public especially for MLAs pay to be stopped until Stormont is back up and running.

Recently leader of Aontu Peader Toibin described the recent Westminster and Stormont chaos as a circus:

“For many on this side of the water the Westminster fiasco factory may seem like another British political farce popcorn moment. However there is an incredible human cost to this circus.

The north has just emerged from the mismanaged Covid Crisis which hammered communities, closed businesses and a health service in a dire state. As soon as Covid receded we were engulfed in a wave of Cost of Living price rises which has left many working families struggling in poverty”.

Councillor Denise Mullen added:

“After crashing the Executive before the election, the DUP are now ignoring the democratic will of the people and are preventing the formation of a new Executive. They are doing this when:

  • More than 650,000 people in the North live in either relative or absolute poverty. 
  • People are suffering from a cost-of-living crisis.
  • Across the North, there are over 44,000 people on social housing waiting lists.
  • Meanwhile, over 4,200 people are homeless.
  • 260,000 people are on Hospital Waiting Lists for more than one year.  
  • The British Government seek an Amnesty for crimes against innocent people during the Troubles. 
  • An extreme abortion regimen has been imposed on the North. 

This is unjust, undemocratic and intolerable. The DUP leader refuses to even take up the seat he ran for in the Assembly Elections. No political party should be allowed to hold the people to ransom in such a manor.

If MLAs refuse to do their jobs, they should not be paid. It is outrageous to think that some MLAs will seek to get paid while refusing to do their job. Aontu ran as the party of political reform and accountability: that begins with ensuring MLAs doing their jobs!”

You can sign the petition here:

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