Crime Louth

Dundalk Shooting Condemned

The shooting of a man at Woodbury Gardens in Dundalk last night has been condemned by Sinn Féin TD Ruairí Ó Murchú who spoke to neighbours and Gardaí at the scene shortly after the incident.

The Dundalk deputy said the ‘consensus is that the victim is a well-regarded and quiet man who had been living in the house for many years’.

He praised the efforts of neighbours who went to the man’s aid after the shooting and helped him before emergency services arrived.

Deputy Ó Murchú said he believed a car had parked close to a green area in the estate before two men got out and fired a number of shots through the living room window where the man, who was in the house on his own, was sitting.

Deputy Ó Murchú said: ‘This was a dreadful and frightening incident for the victim and for the people who live in Woodbury Gardens. People here are at a loss as to why something like this would happen on their normally quiet street.

‘It is a reckless and cowardly act which I utterly condemn. It is a sign of the times we are living in when people feel they can go to someone’s house and fire in the window at them.

‘I wish the victim a full and speedy recovery and I would ask that anyone with information about this shooting brings it to the Gardaí straightaway’.


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