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South Armagh Man Banned from Keeping Animals for Five Years

A Newry resident has been disqualified from keeping animals for five years after being found guilty of an Animal Welfare offence.

At a hearing in Newry Magistrates Court on 17 October 2022, Mr Jamie Gallogly, Main Street, Belleks, Newry was found guilty of an animal welfare offence under Section 4 of the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.

The case brought forward by Newry, Mourne and Downe District Council saw Mr Gallogly  charged with causing unnecessary suffering to seven dogs in his care.  The case arose when the Animal Welfare Department received a complaint on the 8 October 2021 concerning the welfare of dogs kept in unhygienic conditions at Cortamlet Road, Newry.

On investigation of the complaint, the Animal Welfare Officer found seven dogs living in an extremely unhygienic environment, outside pens covered in faecal matter and urine with no clean/dry bedding and no fresh food or water available. The inside of the property was also heavily contaminated with dog faeces and urine resulting in strong heavy smell of urine throughout. The chewing of doors and furniture indicated signs of the animals prolonged stress and presented ingestion hazards.

A vet assessed the environment and determined the seven dogs were suffering and consequently were removed from the property by the Animal Welfare Officers.

Mr Gallogly had been the subject of previous animal welfare investigations and repeatedly failed to provide and maintain a clean and safe environment for the animals. The Judge imposed a disqualification order on Mr Gallogly thereby preventing him from keeping animals for a period of five years and was ordered to pay a fine of £350 and costs totalling £7,072.    

Cases of cruelty and neglect can be reported to our Animal Welfare team who will use enforcement powers to fully investigate all cases and take formal action, which may include the issuing of Improvement Notices, and in the most serious of cases, removing animals and prosecuting offenders.

The Animal Welfare team can be contacted on 028 3751 5800 or by email:


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