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Clogherhead Coastguard Thanked for 200 Years of Service

There was a special presentation made to the Clogherhead Coastguard to thank them for their 200 years of service to the area.

On Thursday evening, local designer Padraig Dunne and Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham presented the group with a beautiful clock. Special thanks was given to Paidi O’Shea at LES Laser Engraving Supplies who donated the laser work on the clock.

Cllr Cunningham said “Last year marked 200 years since the Coastguard was established in Clogherhead but unfortunately due to the pandemic we did not get the chance to celebrate that milestone until now.

“In the early days the role of the coastguard was to prevent smuggling into the country. They would patrol the coastline on horseback to catch smugglers who were attempting to smuggle tea, luxury textiles and spirits into Ireland. Their role has certainly evolved since then, not a horse in sight!

“Padraig from Ríocht Design came to me with the idea of creating a gift that would link the past to the present day – that would honour the coastguard over the past 200 years no matter what their role was as it evolved. Padraig set about designing and creating a clock made part of the sea pole which once stood on the Headland.

“The sea pole was used by the coastguard in training exercises. Unfortunately this particular sea pole was knocked some years ago and lay rotting on the Head. Now, thanks to Padraig, part of this sea pole, this link to the past, will be preserved for many years to come.

“So on the year of the 201st anniversary of the coastguard being first given the responsibility for saving lives along the coast, we finally get to thank the Clogherhead Coastguard down through the years, decades and now centuries for all their dedication and the time they devote to keeping everyone safe along our coastline.”


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