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Alliance Call for Annesborough Road Improvements

Alliance representatives Eóin Tennyson MLA and Councillor Peter Lavery have called for steps to be taken to improve road safety and cleanliness in the Annesborough Road area of Lurgan.

Mr Tennyson said, “Action needs to be urgently taken to improve road safety in the Annesborough Road area of Lurgan.  Residents have been in contact with me expressing their fears due to the regular high flow of traffic, particularly of heavy goods vehicles. I share these concerns.

“The area is also regularly strewn with litter from passing vehicles and doesn’t seem to be maintained as well as it should. I have contacted officers in both DfI Roads as well as local Council to arrange a site meeting to discuss these important issues in more detail.”

His Alliance colleague, Cllr Peter Lavery added, “Over recent years there has been a steady growth in residential development in the Annesborough area with the addition of Hunters Lodge and Drumna Avenue housing developments. However there has been little to no increase in corresponding infrastructure improvements.

“The footpath surface is uneven in places and the can slippery over autumn and winter months after foliage builds up that isn’t subsequently cleared away. I hope the authorities take the concerns of residents seriously and work proactively to alleviate them with timely improvements.”


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