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McGeough Welcomes Killanny Repairs

Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough has welcomed repairs in Killanny which he describes as “essential works to address subsidence in the area.”

Cllr McGeough who had warned drivers to “slow down and be mindful of the subsidence” had spoken in the past 10 months of how shocked “and rapid the deterioration had been. This particular road beside the playground is used by farm vehicles and my big fear was that a large tractor or vehicle carrying a load would find itself upended causing further damage to the road and possible other vehicles nearby.”

Cllr McGeough visited the area in the past week to see the completion of the works and has said he welcomes them and is pleased to see the issue addressed.

However, at this month’s Ardee/Mid-Louth municipal meeting Cllr McGeough asked the Council to “look at the road from the local shop to the roundabout in Killanny as there is subsidence there as well that would require works and need to be addressed.”


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