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Health Minister Must Tackle Gender Identity Clinic Staff Shortages – Sinn Fein

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Sheerin has urged the health minister to address staff shortages at Brackenburn Clinic.

The Mid Ulster MLA said:

“The health minister revealed that over 500 people were on a waiting list as of April this for Brackenburn gender identity clinic with many now on the waiting list for years.

“The minister has acknowledged that the lack of staff at Brackenburn is contributing to lengthy waiting lists for services as they cannot meet demand.

“This reflects the wider need to get the Executive up and running now to invest an extra £1 billion in the health service to recruit more health workers.

“I’m urging the Minister to move to rectify this as part of wider plans to improve the health service. The trans community must have their right to healthcare upheld.”


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