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Louth County Council Launch Sow Now Initiative Aiming to Make Ukrainians feel Welcome in Louth

Louth County Council is proud to take part in the LGMA’s SOW NOW Sunflower Seed Initiative as a symbol of welcome and support for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Co. Louth. As the national flower of Ukraine, the planting of sunflowers (sunyashniki in Ukrainian) aims to raise awareness about Ukrainian refugees while enhancing community spirit, inclusiveness and biodiversity. Over 1000 seeds have been sown in both St Dominic’s Park in Drogheda and in St Helena’s Park in Dundalk. The seeds were kindly donated by D & A Blooms.

Elias Mlimbila, Parks Superintendant, Louth County Council, said: “Louth County Council want these flowers to bloom and act as a powerful symbol of our support, and as an invitation for sincere integration into our communities. These flowers will be a small reminder of home and an assurance of safety and friendship for all Ukrainians in the Co. Louth community.”


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