Community Constituency Newry Newry and Armagh

Saoradh Remove Queen Lighting Tribute From Newry Town Hall

A spokesperson for Saoradh Newry said:

“In a shameful display Newry Town Hall was lit up in the red, white and blue colours of Imperialism to mark the death of Elizabeth Windsor.

Members of the public contacted local party members who immediately took direct action to have the display removed.

Saoradh activists also raised the Irish tricolour at the Town Hall to symbolise the ongoing resistance to the British Occupation.”

“Just a few hundred yards away from the Town Hall is where Windsor’s mercenaries in the British Army murdered three unarmed civilians on Hill Street. 

Her Crown Servants drunkenly shot dead 12 year old Kevin Heatley in Derrybeg and butchered 16 year old Michael Hughes in Main Avenue. 

A few miles out the road her troops murdered 12 year old Majella O’Hare on her way to mass. Her lifeless body was lifted like a piece of meat and thrown into a helicopter.”

“Thousands of Irish people suffered under Windsor’s reign, they were murdered, maimed and imprisoned at the hands of the state she was head of. She oversaw the slaughter. 

Her ancestors starved us in our millions and Irish people were forced onto aptly named “coffin ships” to try to reach safe haven.

Not too many will be mourning in Newry.”

We make no apologies for taking this action.


Link to video –

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