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Brady Expresses Regret at Decision to Remove Oak Trees

Sinn Féin MP Mickey Brady has expressed regret at the decision to remove a number of Oak trees at the Greenbank in Newry

The Newry and Armagh MP said:

“Over the last number of months I have met with a number of concerned residents as well as engineers to assess the situation.

“I pressed the engineers to explore all other possible alternatives to removing these Irish oak trees, given their age and local cultural and ecological value.

“The engineers have said that the decision to remove the trees has been taken as a last resort as part of a number of works to upgrade flood defences in the area.

“The department has committed to replant a large number of oak trees elsewhere in the district to offset the environmental impact of the loss of the trees, however both myself and the residents remain disappointed at the loss of these trees for the community.”


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