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Alliance calls for Craigavon Cycle Path Repair and Investment

A local Alliance MLA has called for urgent repair work to be carried out to the cycle path network in Craigavon. The Craigavon cycle path network, known locally as the ‘Black Paths’, consists of over 40km of segregated cycle paths that extend between Lurgan and Portadown and is well used by local residents for commuting and leisure.

Alliance MLA Eóin Tennyson said, “A number of Craigavon residents have been in touch over recent weeks about the poor condition of sections of the Craigavon cycle paths.

“Areas of the network that have a number of potholes and uneven surfaces that make cycling difficult and which can cause damage to bikes. I am calling on the Department for Infrastructure to carry out an assessment of the Craigavon cycle network and implement repair work on the worst affected areas as a priority.

He added, “Ideally, the entire network should be improved, and indeed expanded, to encourage more active travel locally and promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The recent upgrade of the 5km of pathway at Craigavon Lakes resulted in a clear and positive uptake in their usage. Investing properly in the broader network would have the same positive effect.”


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