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Local Business Transport Compliance NI Excels in Providing Transport Services

Transport Compliance NI has become one of the fastest growing transport compliance & workplace training companies in Northern Ireland. Boasting an array of services from workplace required training to specialist compliance services the Newry based business has gone from strength to strength, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Local business woman Lyn Warde is taking the transport business by storm

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport owner Lyn Warde CMILT|GradIOSH said:

“We are delighted to be one of only three AITT accredited training providers in Northern Ireland and hold the prestigious CILT centre accreditation, which we deliver our transport management courses through”.

Delivering Certified Training and Examination for – Forklift, HIAB, Pallet Truck, MEWPS, Telescopic Handler, Tail Lift, Moffet Mounty, first aid and much more ……

We pride ourselves in delivering quality training that not only qualifies your staff to operate a machine, but educates them to be better operators, safer operators and be an asset to your company. 

Some of the services on offer by Transport Compliance NI

Each year HSE report statistics of workplace accidents – The majority of these can be, and would have been avoided with education, safeguarding and task specific training. 

The Newry based company has become a leader in providing the innovative “in vehicle remote downloading equipment, software, driver apps and telematics.”

Forklift training is available

Lyn added:

Transport Compliance NI is proud to be a supplier & installer of in-vehicle Remote Downloading Equipment at affordable rates.

We install straight to your vehicle. 

No monthly equipment rental & no expensive fitting costs.

Remote Downloading works seamlessly to allow for companies to gather driver and vehicle data directly from the vehicle each day, enabling up to date analysis of tachograph information. Freeing up many man hours per month and removes the risk of vehicles being missed & driver cards not being downloaded in time- these are infringements that can put your company’s licence at risk!

Having real time information enables responsible Operators to address any infringements without delay and without repeat as guidance and training can be delivered in a timely manner to the event taking place.

The remote downloading equipment on offer

When coupled with our Tachograph Management service, we can set drivers up to acknowledge infringements remotely via Smartphone or tablet reducing downtime and cost. Have direct communication with the drivers and transport manager monthly, giving advice and training as needed on an ongoing basis enabling your staff to get on with their jobs.”

Transport Compliance NI also boasts an incredible portfolio of audit compliance. Anyone involved in the transport industry knows the importance of passing DVA audits. The team at transport compliance NI are in prime position to provide the necessary training, advice and representation at any public enquiries should you find yourself there, with our staff providing assistance to several every month..

Get in touch with the Transport compliance NI

Lyn said:

“Contracting Transport Compliance NI to review your systems and procedures and carry out a Compliance Audit, rectifying any issues and training your staff will remove any possibility that you will come to the attention of the Department or any statutory partners at roadside events or audits. Engagement with Transport Compliance NI will ensure that we can carry out our own audit, rectify any issues and provide ongoing consultancy to ensure effective controls are in place and adhered to, it is best practice to do regular health checks on your company, to identify shortfalls in compliance, implement policies and plan training needs.”

“We can advise, assist, consult or represent you should you find yourself subject to a Public Inquiry or DVA Audit in Northern Ireland, or called to an in chamber hearing, or summonsed to court. Our experienced staff have a lifetime of experience in transport management, consultancy, and auditing. Each staff member of Transport compliance NI holds an array of qualifications and are leading specialists in the industry areas in which they consult/teach.

DVA, PSNI and TRU are not to be feared, operators who come under scrutiny often panic and don’t know what to do or where to go, and in turn do nothing at all- this will eat into valuable time in which assistance could be engaged and preventive measures implemented. We are here to help!

Attending a public inquiry can be an extremely daunting experience and very often your livelihood can be affected by suspension or removal of your operator licence by TRU.” Being born & bred in a family of haulage and road transport operators, I know first-hand the impact that the `perfect storm` of Brexit, covid, financial crisis, driver shortage has had on the industry.. These are topics that exist around my own family table. This is not only my job, but its every part of my life.

We are always available to provide advice, please get in touch if we can help.

You can check out their website here:


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