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The Protocol’s Political Agenda!

TUV leader Jim Allister told a TUV event in Lagan Valley on Friday evening that the 25% tariff on British steel coming to British Ulster was a classic illustration of how the Protocol sought to change political alignment through economic policy.

“This iniquitous tariff arises because we are held captive under the Protocol in the EU’s Single Market and thus subject to its rules, which in this case is a 25% tariff on steel from foreign sources. Because the Protocol operates on the basic that GB is a foreign country its steel is subjected to this crippling tariff for the purpose of ensuring supplies are secured from within the EU.

“That is the mechanism – yet to be seen in its full effect across our economy because of the ‘grace periods’ – whereby the EU seeks under the Protocol to wholly reorientate our economy away from the U.K. onto al all-Ireland basis. Since political alignment follows economic alignment the intent of the Protocol is clear: build Irish unity through economic unity. Hence, why no unionist can ever acquiesce in its machinations.

“Hence, too, why there must be no weakening in unionist resolve to rid Northern Ireland of the Protocol in all its insidious parts, because either the Protocol goes or our place in the U.K. goes. It is as stark as that.”


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