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Newry Man Found Guilty of Four Charges Including Common Assault, Criminal Damage and Possession of a Deadly Weapon

A Newry man has recently been found guilty in court of four charges including common assault, criminal damage and two counts of possession of a deadly weapon.

Martin McCabe of Canal Street in Newry pleaded not guilty to the charges in front of him.

The victim stated to police that whilst driving long the Armagh Road McCabe had used a flag pole to attack his car, upon stopping McCabe continued to attack the victim’s car and hit the victim himself.

Following the attack the victim phoned the police who told him to attend Ardmore Police Station. The victim was injured badly from his eye and police took him to hospital. The victim had then made a complaint to police regarding the incident with McCabe making a counter allegation.

Upon reviewing the evidence the police themselves charged Martin McCabe with a string of offences.

Following the incident the victim had a detached eye socket, shoulder damage along with thousands of pounds of damage to his car.

Following PSNI and a Judge review of the case Martin McCabe was found guilty and convicted in court of all four charges. He has been fined £600.


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