Community Constituency Crime Newry and Armagh South Armagh

Ratcliffe Highlights Graffiti Calling for Sectarian Genocide Outside Newtownhamilton

Statement by TUV Newry and Armagh spokesman Keith Ratcliffe:

“The painting of “All Prods ar [sic] targets” on a road outside Newtownhamilton is a most sinister development not least because it has appeared in an area where sectarian slaughter of the minority Protestant community was exactly what occurred in the not too distant past.

“When one considers that the Protestant community of Newtownhamilton was subjected to a campaign of ethnic cleansing by Irish Republicans for over 30 years, the sinister reality of this hate crime is clear. Just a few days ago the leader of Sinn Fein claimed that there was “no alternative” to such activity. The justification of sectarian slaughter, be that by Ms O’Neill, at the West Belfast Festival or on a road, is becoming the norm inside Nationalism. This is not only deeply offensive and retraumatising for victims but is resulting in present day threats to the lives of every man, woman and child in the Protestant community who live in this part of Northern Ireland. It’s dangerous. It’s wrong. It has to stop.

“This is a very sinister message to the Protestant community and deserves to be utterly and universally condemned. We call on all political representatives and indeed the wider Newtownhamilton community, to not only call out this specific hate crime but unequivocally condemn the campaign of sectarian slaughter waged by Republican terrorists. Make no mistake. That is the background to this graffiti.”


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