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Study Reveals Newry As One Of The UK’s Most Musically Inclined Cities

New analysis of online search data shows more of Newry’s population are looking to learn a musical instrument than almost any other city in the UK…

The UK has produced some of the biggest names in music over the decades, with big stars and amazing musical talent coming from all over the country. Now, a new analysis of Google search data, by online music education platform Musiversity, has revealed that a higher percentage of people in Newry are searching online for information relating to learning music than in almost any other city in the UK, earning the Northern Ireland city the accolade of being one of the UK’s most musically inclined cities.

According to the study, people in Newry made almost 90 times more searches per-capita than the national average for things to do with learning to play a musical instrument during the past year, indicating a high interest amongst its population for taking up music.

Here are the top 10 most musical cities according to the data:

1. Truro
2. Ely
3. Bangor
4. Ripon
5. Chichester
6. Newry
7. Salisbury
8. Stirling
9. Lichfield
10. Perth

And amongst the people of Newry, the most popular musical instruments that people were showing interest in were the piano, guitar, banjo, violin, and the flute…

The study also looked at the most popular instruments across the whole of the UK, as well as which of the four UK nations showed the most musical interest, and which UK counties had the highest and lowest percentage of their populations searching online to learn a musical instrument.

Whilst there wasn’t much difference overall between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, the data does reveal some interesting, and fairly large regional and local differences, both in overall musical interest, and in the specific musical instruments people wanted to learn.

To read the full Musiversity study visit

To find out more about Musiversity, online music courses visit


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