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Larkin Praises Poignant Edenappa Commemoration

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Larkin has praised the recent commemoration in Edenappa to remember the shooting dead of two young girls, Mary (Minnie) Connolly and Margaret Moore, and the injuring of Mary Moore 100 years ago by the British Army. 

The plaque unveiling, held on the 100th anniversary of the killings, took place at the site at which Mary Connolly along with Margaret, Mary and Kate Moore were shot at by members of the Royal Sussex Regiment on the evening of Sunday 23rd July, 1922.

The South Armagh Centenary Committee had organised the event, which was chaired by local Sinn Féin Councillor, Mickey Larkin. At the event a short history of the killings was given and a plaque unveiled to commemorate the victims. 

Speaking after the unveiling Cllr. Larkin said:

“The commemoration today was a respectful way to remember the horrible acts inflicted on these girls, at this site, on this day 100 years ago.

“I’d like to congratulate the South Armagh Centenary Committee for organising such a successful and poignant event. It’s essential that we tell and catalogue our own local history and today’s event will go a long way to ensuring the memory of these girls is maintained.”

Cllr. Larkin continued,

 “The sham enquiry that followed the killings robbed the families of any chance to get truth or justice for their loved ones.

“This is a trend that continued throughout the 20th century and endures to this day with the British Government’s legacy bill being the latest slap in the face to victims and their families.

“It is important that families today have the opportunity for truth and justice that was denied to the Connolly and Moore families.”


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