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Cut Profits, Not Jobs and Services! – Workers Party

The Workers Party supports the industrial action of the RMT Union to secure decent pay, job security and good working conditions.

Rail workers who worked through the pandemic are now confronting an attack on their terms and conditions and are facing a pay freeze and hundreds of job cuts.

This is unacceptable at any time but is outrageous in the midst of a cost-of- living crisis when inflation is at 11.1% and rising. Private train companies bolstered by public contracts seek to generate even greater profits at the expense of workers’ rights.

The Tory government which has the power to resolve the dispute, has instead chosen to prolong it.

Today’s strike action is a clear message from workers of their determination to secure their future. The RMT is fighting not only for its members rights but for the future of the railways.

The Workers Party sends its solidarity to the RMT and to the other unions working to secure workers’ pay and conditions and labour rights.


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