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Irwin Lobbies ESB on ‘Fiveways’ EV Chargers

Newry & Armagh DUP Assemblyman William Irwin MLA is responding to electric vehicle owner concerns over a lack of fast charging infrastructure and specific queries about the charging point at ‘Fiveways’ in Newry.

Mr Irwin said there is a distinct lack of fast charging infrastructure generally in Northern Ireland which needs to be addressed and he welcomed a detailed response from the Electricity Supply Board on the Fiveways site and general improvements across the Province.

He stated, “The charging point at Fiveways has not been working for some time and according to the ESB they are engaged with the site owners with a view to upgrading the chargers and increasing the number of chargers at this location.”

He added, “The advice I have received from the ESB relates to various technical issues which must be overcome at the location from an electrical supply point of view and I have urged ESB to do all they can to try and move this important upgrade forward.”

He concluded, “The Fiveways site is a heavily used location and for electric vehicle owners generally it would be very important to see improvements both in the speed of charging and the number of available chargers. With the emphasis currently on greener energy and the electric vehicle market gathering pace, there is a real and pressing need for our charging network to be improved to support moves towards greater electric vehicle use. I look forward to seeing further work from the ESB on this important issue.”


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