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Supporting Women Newry Pen Letter to Catholic Church

Local group Supporting Women Newry have recently penned a letter to the Catholic Church outlining their opposition to the Irish Men’s Rosary group.

A spokesperson for the group said:

“We have sent an open letter to the Catholic Clergy and Administration in Down, Armagh and Louth relating to the Irish Men’s Rosary group and their up and coming programme of events, one of which is in Carlingford on 4th August.”

Below is the letter:

“We, Supporting Women Newry, are calling on the Catholic Church in this area to disassociate itself from the Irish Men’s Rosary. We are sure that you have come across this hate group before, not least when they disrupted a vigil in Limerick for the murdered teacher Aisling Murphy. Their mission statement is clearly misogynistic; they claim to pray, “to make reparation for how the men of Ireland have not taken proper responsibility for the women in our lives” and “making reparation also for impurity, contraception and how Ireland has turned away from God.”

“In the 21st Century, how can these anachronistic and damaging views, part of a right wing agenda against human rights, not go unchallenged, especially by an organisation whose active parishioners appear to be predominantly female? We have seen in the past the local churches advertise these gatherings and if this was an error on their part, we believe your parishioners need an apology.

While we uphold any individual’s right to their own views, we believe that the publication and delivery of these hate filled dogmas in public spaces should be condemned. If not, Supporting Women Newry would like to hear the justification you give to the women of this area, many of whom attend your churches, for embracing this small group of misogynistic fanatics.”

Supporting Women Newry

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