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SDLP Withdraw from the Opportunity to Help People – Aontu

Aontú leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has called out the SDLP’s refusal to roll up their sleeves and help the people of the north. He stated;

“The confusion in the SDLP continues. The SDLP has the opportunity to make a contribution and help people suffering from the Cost of Living Crisis, the Housing Crisis and the Health Care disaster in the north but they have decided not to try. They had the position of the Minister for Infrastructure, a key post that would be of serious help to the people of the north west who have been inundated with flash floods but again they gave this position up. The SDLP is calling for the Assembly to be recalled yet in 2019 they stated that an effort to recall the Assembly was  a stunt.

“The SDLP are a confluence of contradictions. They have an official partnership agreement with Fianna Fáil that they are now embarrassed about and do their best to pretend it does not exist. The party states it supports the Human Right to Life yet all of their Leadership oppose it and they refuse to select new candidates who are prolife.  The SDLP leadership have been giving two fingers to their members on this issue. As a result SDLP membership in the north of Ireland is at an all time low. Most of the remaining membership consists of family members of elected reps. Even among these dissent is rife.

“The SDLP is one of the few parties in the world that openly admits that it does not want to be active government to help people. This openly contradicts what it said before the election. The SDLP seeks now to retire to 5 years in opposition to lick its wounds”.


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