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Tory Party Chaos Demonstrates an ‘untrustworthy partner’ Internationally – Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard said the Tory party chaos and their actions in Westminster demonstrates they are an untrustworthy partner in Ireland and internationally.

Speaking at Westminster, the South Down MP said:

“The actions of the Tory party in Westminster have demonstrated they are an untrustworthy partner in Ireland and internationally.

“The internal Tory chaos has overspilled into the political discourse for over a decade. Whoever now assumes the position of British Prime Minister needs to change tack, work to restore the north’s political institutions, and they need acknowledge the primacy of international agreements and international law.

“The British government needs to honour commitments, respect the rule of law, and take seriously its obligations to rigorous impartiality under the Good Friday Agreement.

“Now is the time to assert the primacy of politics, the honouring of agreements, and respect for international law which protects the all-island economy and prevents a hard border on the island of Ireland.” 


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