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Monaghan Street Dumping One of Many Significant Issues in Newry – Young

The Alliance Party’s Newry representative, Helena Young , has said that fly-tipping, litter and dog fouling are all significant issues in Newry City and beyond.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport Mrs Young said:

“Our elected representatives and activists will continue to push for initiatives that can help identify offenders and issue rigorous enforcement of fines. Within Council owned areas we will liaise with local Council to ensure rubbish is removed and areas are cleaned up in a timely manner.

We need increased enforcement by Council in hotspot areas as well as foot patrols, this could also include hidden cameras. There is also a need  for increased fines – this needs to come from the DFI, our South Down MLA Patrick Brown is writing to the department to ask that the level of fines that can be levied are increased, this may go some way to deterring offenders.”

“The issue of littering, fly-tipping and general lack of upkeep on privately owned land is more of a challenge. In relation to the land on Railway Avenue /Monaghan Street my understanding is that the land is privately owned and the landowner has been contacted and has agreed to clean up this waste round.

It would be helpful if Council could explore initiatives, perhaps enforcement of fines, to landowners to ensure that their land is maintained and that this issue does not happen again.”


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