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“MPs Expenses Claim an Absolute Disgrace!” – Cllr. Denise Mullen

Aontú deputy leader Cllr. Denise Mullen has reacted to MPs expenses claims.

Speaking today, Denise Mullen said “There’s no cost-of-living crisis for Northern MPs. With only 2 MPs, the SDLP alone has managed to rack up £446,000 worth of expenses. Sinn Féin MP expenses have also been a massive cost to the public, coming in well in over £1 Million pounds. The DUP far out-spent the other Northern Parties represented at Westminster with over £1.7 million in expenses. This is in complete contrast with the people of the North who are living on the line because of the cost of living crisis.”

Cllr Mullen continued “We have the exact same problem with politicians in Stormont as well.  While politicians play political pantomime, the executive remains unformed and all the while they’re taking their salary. This charade has cost the people of the North well over half a million pounds now”

“All the while these politicians are living it up, they’re over-seeing a rapidly deteriorating cost of living crisis that’s pushing so many families to the edge. Families are struggling to heat their homes and worrying about the back to school expenses. There are sick and elderly people who’ve been on the hospital waiting list for months. There are first time home buyers who can’t get a home in their home towns. If the establishment parties aren’t going to put in the work, they shouldn’t be taking the money.” 


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