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6,700 Abortions in 2021 is a Heart-breaking Loss of Life – Aontu

Commenting on the increase in abortions in Ireland in the last year Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín stated;

“The 6,700 abortions in Ireland in 2021 is a heart-breaking loss of life. Every day in Ireland the lives of 18 unborn baby boys & girls are taken. In the last three years just under 20,000 unborn babies were aborted. That’s the equivalent of 840 classrooms of children who are not here with us today because of the abortion law. Deregulation of abortion in Ireland and efforts to normalise abortion by the government have seen the abortion rate spike by 70% in just 3 years”.

“Every living human being should be protected. Every living Human Being should have Human Rights. Human Rights are by definition universal. We need to show love and protect those who can’t protect themselves. Right now in Ireland women are forced to give birth homeless, but the government will guarantee mothers the price of an abortion.  This Pro Choice government implement economic and social policies that make mothers feel that they have no choice at all”.

“The Committee on the 8th Amendment heard that 85% of abortions happen because of Socio- Economic reasons.  We need as a society to give mothers real and positive choices. That means providing the necessary socio economic supports to be able to raise their children to their full potential. We need to guarantee to mothers access to housing, to childcare, to a collocated maternity hospital that protects the lives of mothers.  There have been 20,000 abortions in Ireland in the 3 years since the law was changed . And despite all the talk at the referendum in those three years the socio economic options available to tens of thousands of young mothers has radically disimproved”.


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