Flute Band at Centre of Bin Video Believed an Explosive Device was in the Bin

Loyalist spokesperson Jamie Bryson has spoken out on behalf of the Loyalist flute band at the centre of a viral video circulating on social media.

The video depicts a man allegedly throwing a bin at a flute band as they marched down Agincourt Avenue, Belfast. Band members and members of the Orange Order are seen allegedly chasing the man into his house and damaging a window.

However Mr. Bryson has stated that the band had genuine concerns that they believed an explosive device was in the bin that was thrown at them. The statement reads that this was an unprovoked sectarian attack and the band reacted for their safety.

The statement read: “In the split second following this unprovoked and entirely unexpected sectarian attack, there were genuine and legitimate concerns amongst band members that an explosive device had been thrown into the ranks.

“In this context, the band showed remarkable restraint and thankfully calm was quickly restored to the situation. In the confusion following the attack on the band, regrettably an item smashed the window of the general property from which the aggressor came.”

The statement acknowledged the fact the property is split into a number of flats and that the window smashed was in a flat unconnected to the incident.

It added: “The band will pay for all damage to the innocent person’s window and express apologies to this individual.”

The PSNI said it was aware of the footage.

“We have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of a range of offences including assault and disorderly behaviour,” said Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones. “Detectives are currently investigating other potential offences and persons.”

Subsequent video footage showed PSNI officers removing a wheelie bin from the scene.


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