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Epilepsy Fundraiser a Touching Reminder of Local Family’s Loss

Local Member of Parliament Carla Lockhart has praised Seapatrick woman, Laura Strahan, for hosting a very successful fundraiser for Epilepsy Action, in memory of her sister Lynsey Baillie, who died unexpectedly on June 16 last year while experiencing an epileptic seizure.

Carla joined with the Lord Mayor, Paul Greenfield, at the fundraiser in Banbridge Orange Hall.

Speaking after the coffee morning, Carla Lockhart said:

“I want to thank Laura for her warm welcome at this morning’s coffee morning.

This dear family suffered such a huge loss when their much-loved sister, Lynsey, passed away last year after suffering an epileptic seizure. It was even more tragic that Lynsey left behind three young children, Josh (13), Annie (14) and Jessica (15).

Such a loss is so hard to take, and I commend the family for their strength in the face of such tragedy. It is testament to the family that they have held such a lovely event this morning to support Epilepsy Action, to support their work in addressing the causes and treatment of what can, sadly, be a fatal condition.

My thoughts and prayers remain with this family in the days ahead, as they continue to take each day without a much loved sister and mum.”


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