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Lavery Welcomes New Bins for Bartin’s Bay

A local Alliance Councillor has welcomed the installation of two additional bins at the Bartin’s Bay scenic area near Gawleys’ Gate. This brings the total number of bins in the area up to five. The scenic area would be a popular spot, particularly during summer, with a number of people launching paddle boards from the site and having BBQ’s.

Commenting on the issue local Alliance Party Councillor Peter Lavery has said “It is great news to hear that additional bins have been installed in Bartin’s Bay. This follows a few complaints which were raised to me about litter at the scenic spot, especially when there has been a weekend with good weather.”

“I also understand that council workers also cleared up as much of the broken glass as they could at the sandy section of the scenic spot. This sandy area is used regularly by children so I would ask people to be mindful of this when having BBQ’s there in the future.”


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