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Workers Will Still Struggle! – UNISON

UNISON members have heard that mileage rates will be adjusted in response to their sustained pressure in the workplace and at the bargaining table. 

Rising fuel costs punched a hole in the UK wide AFC allowances and have left many workers in serious difficulties. These Allowances form part of the UK wide terms and conditions and are currently under review. It is expected hard bargaining at a UK level will take place for a more sustained overhaul of the existing allowances.

In the meantime interim adjustments have had to be implemented in Scotland and Wales and now in Northern Ireland.

Discussions are now underway to arrange the use of fuel cards and we are awaiting further information. There cannot be any delay in getting this support directly to staff who urgently need the means to keep their vehicles on the road while doing their job.

What workers need is a decent pay rise. UNISON across the UK is preparing for a sustained autumn campaign up to and including industrial action to achieve our goals.


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